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Membership Privacy Policy of Matsumoto Kiyoshi (Taiwan) Co., Limited

Membership Privacy Policy of
Matsumoto Kiyoshi (Taiwan) Co., Limited

1. Guidelines for Personal Data Protection

This Company establishes a personal data protection mechanism through the formulation of guidelines for personal data protection to enable all employees to learn the importance of personal data protection and completely and carefully implement it to push forward personal data protection policies.

2. Personal Data Management

The Company takes all the necessary measures including maintaining a security system, establishing a management structure, and thoroughly materializing employee education, as well as implementing security countermeasures, and strictly complying with privacy requirements for personal data to ensure that customers' personal data are kept correct and up to date, and to prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, tampering, leakage, etc.

3. Purpose of Data Collection and Use

Unless prior consent is given or otherwise stipulated by law, the Company may collect personal data for the following purposes ("Purposes").

[Customer Personal Data]

  1. Delivering or sending advertising materials (including discount coupons) and printed matters to provide relevant business information.

  2. Conducting market analysis and product development.

  3. Sending thank you gifts and prizes obtained owing to questionnaire surveys and lottery draws.

  4. Pertaining to contact information when the Company picks up or manages customers' lost property for safekeeping.

  5. Performing the contract entered into with customers or providing services thereunder.

  6. Granting points to customers in accordance with the Company's policies.

  7. Contacting with customers or providing customer services.

  8. Improving the quality of the Company's services or products.

The collection and use of personal data in the foregoing matters is necessary for performing contracts or services, granting points, contacting customers, providing customers with relevant information and sending thank you gifts and prizes. If customers choose not to provide personal data to the Company, they might not be able to obtain the aforesaid services. Please be mindful of the possibility.

4. Categories of Personal Data

Categories of personal data collected by the Company:

[Customer Personal Data]

  1. Email Address

  2. Telephone/Mobile Phone Number

  3. Name

  4. Date of Birth

  5. Postcode

  6. Address

  7. Gender​

5. Time Period, Territory, and Recipients of Which the Personal Data is Used

Time period, territory, and recipients of which the personal data used by the Company are as follows:

[Customer Personal Information]

Period of Use: 5 years

Territory: Taiwan and Japan

Recipients: Disclosed to the third parties referred to in Article 6 hereof.

6. Disclosure of Personal Data to Third Parties is Prohibited.

The Company shall properly keep the personal data provided by the customer. Except for any of the following circumstances, the Company shall not disclose the personal data to a third party.

  1. When the customer's consent is given.

  2. When the Company discloses the data to outsourcers for the Purposes.
    The Company shall authentically and properly supervise outsourcers to prevent outsourcers from disclosing customers' personal data.
    When disclosing data to advertising agencies, such data, as processed, may not lead to the identification of a specific data subject.

  3. Where data shall be disclosed in accordance with the law.

  4. When necessary due to a product recall.

  5. When sharing with MatsukiyoCocokara & Co. (including its affiliates) according to the following instructions:

1. Purpose of Sharing

The Company's reward points can be used in the stores of MatsukiyoCocokara & Co.
2. Shared Data Items

  • Company Member ID

  • Point Balance Accumulated in the Company

  • Name

  • Email Address

  • Date of Birth

  • Postcode

  • Address

  • Gender

7. Disclose Purchase Records to Third Parties after Processing

To improve services, develop new services, as well as revitalizing the market, the Company discloses customer's data on commodity purchase record (hereinafter referred to as “purchase data”) to the following analytics companies.

[Analytics Company]The Nielsen Company

When the Company establishes purchased data, we process the data and render it impossible to be used to identify a natural person.

In addition, the Company shall not provide special purchase data.



8. Security Countermeasures for Personal Data

The Company takes integrated protection measures to ensure accuracy and security of personal data.​

9. Acquisition of Records, etc.

For providing services and advertising content more suitable for the user, the Company might obtain and use browsing records such as cookies, access URLs, content of web pages, and reference order. In addition, based on the same purpose, the Company might provide the same to the advertising agencies, data source providers and service source providers as well.

• Browsing records such as cookies, access URLs, content of web pages, and reference order will not be linked with personal data, which will be obtained and used without leading to the identification of a specific data subject.

10. Customer's Rights

Customers may ① request inquiry about or disclosure of, ② request a copy of, ③ request addition put in or correction of, ④ request a stop to the collection, processing or use of, ⑤ request deletion of their personal data.

Such request will be accepted and dealt with by the following points of contact within the scope stipulated by laws and regulations after the Company receives it from the customer and confirms the identity of the customer.

The Company will charge necessary processing fees (including shipping fees and notification fees) for administrative use.


​11. Observance and Revision of Laws and Regulations

The personal data held by the Company will be revised and this policy will be updated in due course while we comply with applicable Taiwan laws and other regulations.

In addition, relevant information shall be announced on the Company's official website if this policy needs to be revised.


​12. Consultation

For inquiries about personal data processing, please contact the Company through the following methods:

[Marketing Promotion Department of Matsumoto Kiyoshi (Taiwan) Co., Limited]

※Reply time might be delayed depending on the reception time and content.


Enacted on October 1, 2020.

Revised on October 1, 2021.

Revised on October 2, 2023.

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